Baltic Truffle

We carry a full line of fresh truffles during the season, which for the Burgundy truffle starts in September and ends in November. We also offer Magnatum and Perigord truffles, as well as Brumale and Borchii.

In addition to the fresh truffles, we have a complete line of refined truffle products, the Premium Line, which is introduced in detail on this website. It includes two types of truffle oils, namely olive oil with black truffle and grape seed oil with white truffle. The program is complemented by two unique vinaigrettes, one black and one white. The most outstanding product is an acacia based truffled honey. Finally we have a tantalizing Balsamic Glace, a unique Truffle Pesto and a Truffle Plum balm to die for. A unique product is our Bio Line, which consists of truffles produced in a Bio-certified orchard under very strict management practices.