Our premium line products are refined with the best truffles available and in case of burgundy the truffles used are bio-certified. All products contain at least 5 % truffle.


Our vacuum freeze dried, or lyophilized truffles are a unique offering. Thanks to the special features of this drying process, the truffles preserve their texture, taste and aroma very well. And the shelf-life for the products is 9 – 12 months.

Our program includes the following lyophilized truffles:

  • Tuber magnatum, the ‘’White Truffle’’
  • Tuber melanosporum, the ‘’Perigord truffle’’
  • Tuber aestivum/uncinatum, the ‘’Burgundy Truffle’’
  • Tuber brumale, the ‘’Winter Truffle’’
  • Mattirolomyces terfezioides, the ‘’Honey Truffle’’

The lyophilized product should be soaked for 20 minutes in lukewarm water. The truffle flakes will absorb water, 5 – 7 times their own weight and both the taste and the aroma will develop distinctly, compared to just tasting/smelling the dried product. The best way to experience the unique and authentic truffle aroma is to add the soaked truffle shaving on the top of a warm dish, like an omelet, pasta or risotto. Because the shaving maintains the beautiful marbling it also can be used as decoration on almost any dish, where fresh truffle would be used. The dried truffle shavings can also be pulverized in a mortar and be used for making truffled salt, truffled butter, truffled dip sauce or any sauce, as well as truffled mayonnaise or aioli. Actually the uses are endless and we prefer to leave it up to each chef’s own imagination. The Honey Truffle is excellent for desserts.

The availability and pricing of the lyophilized Burgundy Truffle and Honey Truffle is rather sustainable whereas the availability and price of the other truffles may fluctuate. For professional use our standard can sizes are 40 or 100 g but special quantities can be separately agreed upon.

In addition to the flakes of lyophilized truffles we also deliver the same products in pulverized form which for certain dishes is to be recommended instead of flakes.